Ramp Challenge Hong Kong
Run Night Stand
Pokfulam Challenge

When virtual reality crossovers with sports, we got SportsVR - a cutting-edge platform that brings audiences closest to any sporting event both on and off the course.  VirtualCyte takes you to a whole new spectacle like never before via Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand.   Both athletes and spectators can now participate in the same event shoulder-to-shoulder at the same time on the same course.  Our  core technology allows  streaming of 4K+ video at lightning speed over 4G LTE network with ultra low latency, and supports both 360 and VR mode.  Audiences can now watch the entire event at the comfort of their homes or on the road or at the event using their computer or mobile devices without missing any of those exciting moments.  VirtualCyte is dedicated to bringing the world's most iconic sport events in VR for all walks of life to enjoy anytime, any day, and anywhere. 


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