This Voucher allows customer to use any of JetOne Motion simulation and VR devices in its center in Century Square that include racing simulator, flight simulator, Oculus Rift VR stations, and many more. If you intend to buy two or more, you may add Group Racing for an intense racing competition. It is mandatory for first-time customer who intends to use our Triple-Screen Full-Motion Flight Simulator to acquire 30 Minutes Flight Instructions in order to understand how to use the flight controls. So make sure you select Flight Instructions before checkout.


BUY 5 GET 1 FREE, you will automatically get 6 Gift Vouchers with your order.


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JetOne Motion - Single Session Gift Voucher

SKU: 671253175371
HK$580.00 Regular Price
HK$522.00Sale Price
Flight Instructions
Group Racing
  • This Voucher can only be used in our center in Century Square, Hong Kong Island.