JetOneMotion | VirtualCyte steps up the game by entering a strategic partnership with KTD Esports

July 24, 2018


KTD (Keep The Dream) is a Hong Kong based Esports team that specializes in League of Legends (LOL) tournaments. They successfully established their own esports studio and gaming arena in Hong Kong where they provide in-depth training and e-sports equipments as well as rental options.



While Esports is incredibly popular in a lot of countries all over the world, unfortunately Hong Kong is not yet among those places. The atmosphere in Hong Kong is currently stuck at a debate level whether Esports can be considered as a "Sports" or not.  There are indeed some inherent challenges in Hong Kong with the propagation of the E-Sport Industry.


KTD was founded by a team of 8 talented young men and one of the very few ESports teams in Hong Kong that is not limited in their focus to just winning tournaments but is also known for their long term vision on how to grow the ESports industry via awareness, live streaming, training & education.


Some excerpt from the team’s interview:


左至右: 陳浩鋒(戰隊輔助選手), 羅慶隆(戰隊下路選手), 謝俊彦(戰隊中路選手及直播主),
Harry Heung(Team Management), 許浩亨(戰隊創辦人), 黎志盛(領隊), 黃梓賀(戰隊野區選手), 袁溢峯(戰隊上路選手)


KTD Facebook:

KTD Instagram:



KTD levelled up their game with their partnership with VirtualCyte|JetOne motion as they collaborate to integrate ESports with various ground breaking technologies such as AR/VR, AI, and blockchain.


The partnership is very promising as this unique combination is foreseen to be a game changer and holds lots of future growth potential.


JetOne | VirtualCyte Team & KTD Team


JetOne Motion | VirtualCyte’s proven track record for their widely successful offerings of AR/VR/Blockchain technologies to various corporate organizations and with the general public will be replicated for the greater benefit and success of the ESports industry in Hong Kong.


It is ripe of the for the general public in Hong Kong / Macau to have a proper understanding and awareness of the ESports industry and its highly progressive landscape, especially in a new era in which the whole world is moving towards the concept of "SmartCity"  where everyone should be open to embrace all kinds of technologies and not have a tendency for a pessimistic perspective that limits progress.


Kevin Chan, Co-Founder of VirtualCyte was quoted  "KTD is an energetic and an ambitious team, they are young and composed of very talented people with a long term vision, you can feel their determination and genuine love for the ESport industry. I have strong belief and trust with the KTD Team and I hope that with this partnership, we can help bring in positive concepts and raise the awareness of the public about the fascinating industry of ESports. We are looking forward to that."


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