JetOne Motion | VirtualCyte holds successful seminar with HKMA

August 6, 2018

Our first Blockchain and Cryptocurrency seminar with HKMA proved to be a great success!


We are delighted and quite honored to be given a chance to host and share our first hand experiences in blockchain and cryptocurrency related technologies. The widely successful seminar was coined the title "Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology - Disrupting the World Economy".



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We are are able to deliver to the audiences an effective representation of our practical experiences related to blockchain and its real world application to a variety of industries and sectors ranging from insurance, government sector, media,  property management and various areas of life.


Left to Right: Kevin Chan (COO, VirtualCyte), Henry Yu (Founding Partner, L&Y Law Office), Peter Yu (CEO, JetOne Motion & VirtualCyte), Edward Tam (Director of ZynerSoft)


We also run through an informative session for our E-Wallet setup and to top it all we have given all attendees, 10 CyteCoin tokens as a sign of our appreciation.


Also kudos and a big thanks to Edward Tam, Director of Zynersoft for joining us and sharing topics related to  solid technical development for blockchain


We would also like to extend our gratitude to Henry Yu, the founding partner of L&Y Law Firm for his useful insights in his legal experiences for ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrency.


It was such a very informative evening for everyone and we are happy to be in the position to bridge all these new technologies into its practical application into different industries.


Also we wish to convey a good news and an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT to all: You can now officially use CyteCoin in our JetOne Motion VR Entertainment Centre:


Room 1405, 14/F., Century Square, 1-13 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

T: +852 2506-2130  | F: +852 2506 2798




Now with 145 CTC, everyone can visit our VR Centre and have a 15 minutes free session and enjoy and experience all kind of VR entertainment such as our realistic racing and flight simulations!


Moving onwards, HKMA will also be a part of our CyteCoin Merchant Program, where users can get free CyteCoins through HKMA class registration and as an added bonus, they can also use the same CyteCoin Token and apply with a HKMA class with a special discount rate!


This marks an important milestone to CyteCoin, VirtualCyte and JetOne. With the support of our trusted partners such as HKMA, we certainly look forward to a much wider usage of cryptocurrency.


Please follow us on VirtualCyte and JetOne, we will keep posted with exciting updates and ways to earn more CyteCoin in the coming future! Stay tuned.





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