VirtualCyte to launch the very 1st Crypto Campaign for Digital Marketing

August 13, 2018

After 9 months of extensive research and closely working with our partners from different industries, Virtualcyte is ready to move into the next phase of blockchain and crypto currency evolution.


VirtualCyte is going to launch the very first crypto campaign for digital marketing!

It is truly revolutionary and a pioneering move in the world of digital marketing and blockchain.


Imagine, your viewers and audiences can now be incentivized and can earn their own crypto currency by just watching videos? Which is something they might already been watching daily anyways for a few hours and often greeted with annoying ads that they just skip over.



As a matter of fact, traditional digital marketing channels is already saturated, marketing cost keeps going up but ROI keep going down. For the longest time we still don’t see any new giants emerge like Facebook  YouTube or even Instagram which most marketers claim to be the most powerful channel, but in reality it's a 8 years old APP.


VirtualCyte firmly believes in the winning combination of blockchain together with use of marketing tokens can help fill in the gap and solve the limitation of existing digital marketing channels.


3 major issues that we target to solve and address:

  • Transparency - do you know exactly where and how did your marketing dollar have been spent?

  • Data Ownership - do you actually have full ownership of your client’s data

  • Settlement - how long does it take to process your advertising settlements?


With our revolutionary marketing concept, we are going to solve all the problems that goes with traditional digital marketing. You can expect the following advantages:

  • As a USER, you can just watch specific videos and earn (or mine) our marketing tokens, CyteCoin, as simple as that.

  • As ADVERTISERS, you can launch your own crypto campaign and encourage viewership via crypto incentives ( this is way more powerful and much more cost efficient than spending money for exposure and praying for some significant number of views).

  • As a CONTENT PROVIDER, you can get your revenue share in Tokens and CyteCoins.

  • As a KOL, you don’t need to wait for thousands and thousands of views before you can get paid. With tokens, we can pay you in real-time via our “pay per view”concept


Simple video to explain the concept - "VirtualCyte Tokenization by CyteCoin"



And everything is logged and recorded via blockchain so it’s 100% transparent and that’s why it can be so fast!




Our very FIRST revolutionary marketing campaign will launch very soon at the end of August 2018 in collaboration with Trade Commission of Peru in Hong Kong.




Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted. Follow us to get the latest updates and news!!!


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