the team

Meet the talented management team behind VirtualCyte who are not only the technology innovator but also market maker.  They came together with one simple goal and that is to turn new and disruptive technology into a sustainable business venture.  VirtualCyte is a ground-breaking showcase from developing a proprietary VR object-tracking technology to applying it in day-to-day business use.  If you are a true believer of AR/VR/MR/HR, and have the stamina to go the distance with us, please get in touch using the Contact page we want to hear from you.

In driver seat going at hyper speed, and has been breaking the sound barrier in VR industry. VirtualCyte is his latest innovation that creates a robust and resilient advertising ecosystem in AR and VR.

Peter Yu

Founder | CEO

His foot is on the gas pedal accelerating the adoption of VirtualCyte AR/VR/360 advertising platform in Greater China region through strategic partnership and collaboration programs. 

Lucas Lei

President, Strategic Development

A veteran in the high-tech industry and has held executive positions at some of the world’s renowned high-tech companies that include Microsoft Game Studios, Nintendo, Orbital Studios, Spectrum Holobyte, Lucasfilm, and gumi just to name a few.

AJ Redmer

Advisory Board Member

CG and animation specialist in VFX production for movies and CGI for mobile games.  Some of his notable projects included a Chinese film "Zhong Kui Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal", "Lost in the Pacific", and Town's Tale.  

Semin Tho

Advisor, Korea

A marathon runner that gives him the stamina to go extra miles making the deals happen. Working on cool affiliated programs for bringing VirtualCyte to every city around the world.

Kevin Chan

Co-Founder | COO

A passionate guy who lives and breathes AR and VR technologies, and in charge of VirtualCyte system design, development, and deployment. He is not a talkative person but does get people's attention when he speaks.

John Law

Head of Application Development

GM of Shanda Game (The Wain Studio) and also a veteran in the gaming and digital entertainment industry in China. Previously served a senior management position at Tiancity, Shanda Game Studio, and Gumi China.

Ye Jian

Advisor, Mainland China

Taking his weapon of choice to shoot some of the most iconic events in 360, and what really separates him from the crowd is his post-production techniques that he acquired over the years in VR/360 content creation.

Philippe Gerard

Chief Creative Officer

A true VR Catalyst turning a conventional idea into an awesome VR experience, and has been a super hero helping clients to produce high impact contents that generate significant advertising value.

Joseph Tong

Manager, Sponsorship Engagement

Director/Producer/Director of Photography/App Developer.  2nd Unit Director of Photograph of the Hollywood Blockbuster movies that included Transformer 4, Rush Hour 2, Spy Game, Tomb Raider 2, Double Impact, and Batman - The Dark Knight.

Dean Head

Advisor, Hong Kong